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<h1>Jason J Wynne<⁄h1>


<h6>APRIL 2014 - Present<⁄h6>

<h3>Director of Creative Technology, Martin Williams Advertising<⁄h3>

<p>At Martin Williams I manage a team of digital professionals that create interactive experiences. Our team consists of Information Architects, User Experience designers, Digital Creatives, Front-end Developers, Back-end Engineers, Application Engineers, Quality Assurance Associates, Digital Producers, and Search Engine Optimization Specialists. My responsibilities include:<⁄p>

  • <li>Estimating, budgeting, and SOWs for digital projects<⁄li>
  • <li>New client presentations and team pitches<⁄li>
  • <li>Managing team agile process and scrum master<⁄li>
  • <li>Managing external development teams - Infosys(India) Hanger(Costa Rica)<⁄li>
  • <li>Team goal setting and code review<⁄li>
  • <li>Application and content architecture<⁄li>
  • <li>Stakeholder/Client management<⁄li>
  • <li>Web application optimization<⁄li>
  • <li>Application measurement planning<⁄li>
  • <li>WCAG 2.0 compliance<⁄li>
  • <li>New technology implementation and prototyping<⁄li>
  • <li>Code standardization and best practices management<⁄li>
  • <li>Code repository management<⁄li>
  • <li>Full Stack Development (Yes I still code with my team)<⁄li>

<p>I love working with all facets of the digital process. I love building interactive experiences that make users say wow. I believe that anything can be done in the digital space. I enjoy mentoring my team and watching projects go from a simple idea to a interactive experience. Martin Williams has giving me a lot of experience of managing digital teams and development processes. I have had the pleasure of building many digital experiential projects, enterprise level web sites, and actively manage a great team of professionals. I am looking to expand my capabilities and experience with a goal of someday becoming a CIO.<⁄p>

<h6>AUGUST 2011 - APRIL 2014<⁄h6>

<h3>Senior Web Developer, Ackmann & Dickenson, Inc.<⁄h3>

<p>At Ackmann & Dickenson I developed web applications, websites, and any other thing you can possible dream up for the web. As a Senior Web Developer and my responsibilities included:<⁄p>

  • <li>Developed open source CMS and eCommerce websites<⁄li>
  • <li>Lead front-end development teams in application development<⁄li>
  • <li>Integrate javascript frameworks such as Angular, React, and other<⁄li>
  • <li>Create/Connect to APIs for application development<⁄li>
  • <li>Make pixel perfect W3C approved sites from a napkin, graph pad, word doc, or psd<⁄li>
  • <li>Hand code interactivity with javascript, and other client side languages<⁄li>
  • <li>Build plugins and custom themes for wordpress and other open source software<⁄li>
  • <li>Ensure that the websites I build work on every browser including IE & Opera<⁄li>
  • <li>Use tools like Bootstrap to make front-end development consistant<⁄li>
  • <li>Flirt with proof of concept code in HTML5 and Canvas<⁄li>

<p>At A&D I gained experience working in a large development group. I got to work on new technology that was on the forefront of application development. I enjoyed working in and managing teams building large scale projects in a agile development process. A&D was an outstanding work environment for me, they allowed me to learn both development and management. I was one of the first 5 developers on the team and enjoyed watching the company grow into what it is now.<⁄p>

<h6>OCTOBER 2006 - AUGUST 2011<⁄h6>

<h3>Associate Creative Director Digital, Sandau Creative, Inc.<⁄h3>

<p>At Sandau Creative I did everything interactive for many agencies around town. My role was senior developer and creative consultant to the director. My responsibilities included:<⁄p>

  • <li>Develop interactive marketing sites with CMS backends for clients ease of use<⁄li>
  • <li>Client management and training<⁄li>
  • <li>Training and mentoring junior developers<⁄li>
  • <li>Front-end development and Back-end integration<⁄li>
  • <li>Do concept work for pitches and motion tests to show clients what is possible & anything is possible.<⁄li>
  • <li>Teach and explain why we code the simplest and cleanest way to our junior developers<⁄li>

<p>I was exposed to many different clients and experiences at Sanudau. I learned how to work with creative directors who wanted me to make everything do everything on the web & clients that needed their hand held through the entire design/development cycle. I delighted in working at Sandau and still show up at his studio to "consult" (cocktails & ps4).<⁄p>

<h6>AUGUST 2003 - OCTOBER 2006<⁄h6>

<h3>Developer / Designer, One Disc, Inc.<⁄h3>

<p>At One Disc I was responsible for all design & development, from initial concept through launch. This ranged from simple disc art and packaging to full websites or director/flash presentations for trade shows. I also designed & built trade show booths. One Disc was a very small shop and I was the clients go to for any tweak, twist, or fire drill. I learned that communication is essential through the entire design/development process with both clients and co-workers. I became confident with my abilities to meet short deadlines and afterthoughts. I proved my web skills and honed my development. One Disc was a fun and interesting place to work and learn.<⁄p>


<h2>Even More Experience<⁄h2>

<h6>1990 - 1994<⁄h6>

<h3>19D Cavalry Scout, U.S. ARMY<⁄h3>

<p>Gulf War Veteran, Four Army Commendation medals, Three Army Achievement medals, Honorable discharge per DD214, discharged with the rank of specialist (E4)<⁄p>

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